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GSN buys BASH Gaming

Casual game maker GSN Games said today that has agreed to acquire Bash Gaming, the maker of the hit social casino game Bingo Bash. GSN didn’t say how much it paid for the company, which has a leading social bingo game with 4.4 million monthly active users.

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Slots Bash — Try out our latest game!

Extremely proud of our Slots Bash team who worked more than an year to produce our 2nd title in the social casino category: Slots Bash

Please try the game and let us know your feedback!!

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Slots Bash -- Multilevel
Slots Bash -- Interactive
Slots Bash -- Compelling
Slots Bash -- Rewarding
Slots Bash -- Social

Apple Announces Top iPhone, iPad Apps of 2013

Huge congrats to the Bash Gaming team!! BINGO BASH enjoys its second consecutive year in TOP Ten Grossing App (2013) and still going strong!

Social Casino TOP 10!

To reflect the company’s love of making games, BitRhymes rebranded to Bash Gaming in December and is one of the biggest mover’s in this year’s Power 25. Up from 17th position…

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CNET: Bingo Bash among Top 10 highest-grossing iPad apps ever!

After five years, Apple’s App Store has 900,000 apps available, with 350,000 of those specifically made for the iPad.

With that kind of volume, it takes a lot to get noticed, but a few developers have managed to do it with great success. Out of the 350,000 iPad apps, these 10 have risen to the top of the pile. Here’s a look at the 10 highest-grossing iPad apps, according to Apple —