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Bingo Bash — World’s #1 Social Bingo Game

Bingo Bash: #1 Social Bingo Game

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No. 1 Bingo in the World

Bingo Bash is action packed with features like powerups and treasures that makes the game super exciting!

Bingo Bash has quickly become #1 BINGO in the world with more than a 1.5M users playing game every day across platforms and still growing fast. It works across platforms so people can play with each other across Facebook, iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Android.

Bingo Bash is Top 3 grossing on iPad, Top 10 grossing on iPhone. Top 10 grossing on Android and Top 40 grossing on Facebook!

Bingo Bash Reviews

Played by millions, Bingo Bash is #1 social mobile BINGO in the world.

‘Bingo Bash Powers Up a Classic Game of Chance’
‘Bingo Bash combines basic rules of bingo with much more interesting collection and reward mechanics.’

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